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Ben Steele

With an education built upon classical training, Steele enjoys utilizing the processes of the old masters with a contemporary sensibility; never staying in one place for too long.The result is a wide-ranging body of work, not always still life, portraiture or landscape but often somewhere in between. His melding of art history and pop culture references with a classic glaze and scumble technique keeps his ever-changing process current, fresh and exciting.

Park City Gallery Association – Trove Gallery

Diana Stetson

Award-winning New Mexican painter Diana Stetson works at Hand Graphics in Santa Fe on monotypes, and in her studio in Alameda, New Mexico on mixed media paintings. The years that she spent working as a monotype artist inform the new body of work that she is producing in mixed media on large birch panels. Her work incorporates lyrical images of animals, birds, butterflies, flora and women as she strives to express the deep connection between humans and the natural world around them. Stetson is currently engaged in exploring ways to impact environmental issues as a visual storyteller.

Stetson has received over 20 grants and awards for her work, which resides in many fine collections around the world, and has been included in several museum exhibitions. Recently Stetson was invited by the State Department to represent US artists as cultural liaison at US Culture Days in Turkmenistan. The honor of being invited as cultural liaison came with the opportunity to work with the US Embassy, to teach at the National Academy of Art, and to have a small retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Fine Art in Ashgabat.

Park City Gallery Association – Trove Gallery

Dawn Renee

Dawn Renee’s work is an exploration of the Raku firing processes and the result is a unique surface on the clay body.  A couple of years ago Dawn Renee had the opportunity to work with Belgium Naked Raku artist Wally Asselberghs and since has been practicing this technique and its possibilities blended with her own unique Raku palette.

Her most recent series, Ancestry, is a journey into the roots of her father’s family.  The family has lived on the Orkney Islands off of Scotland for centuries. She spends much of her time researching what is familiar to her heritage from her studio in Tucson, Arizona.

Weight of the Wind is her impression of a functional architectural addition to many of the farmhouses on the Orkney Isles, as the fierce winds off of the North sea never cease over the treeless isles, these weighty assemblages hang off of the north side of the roofs and keep them from breaking way to the winds.

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