Photo: Meyer Gallery


PARK CITY, Utah — Park City is a town that values art. The Park City Gallery Association (PCGA) has long been established to support its galleries, our mountain town culture, and local to nationally-acclaimed artists.

People relocate to or visit Park City from around the world— and that’s reflected in the Park City Gallery Association’s breadth of over 15 member galleries. Art lovers or newbies will find their favorite genres and mediums and be introduced to new ones as well, from Western and modern art to photography and mixed media.

Gallery member Susan Meyer of Meyer Gallery has been with the Gallery Association from the beginning. She feels that Park City’s art community can do more together, than as standalone establishments.

“I think the PCGA serves to elevate the cultural experience in Park City,” said Meyer. “Plus, it creates more sales opportunities for artists so it’s a win-win.”

Reprinted from Townlift
Sponsored by Park City Gallery Association | February 24, 2023