Just who is the expert author behind Gallery MAR’s most popular blogs? It is Veronica Vale, former art gallery consultant at Gallery MAR — and current artist, author, and designer living in Winston-Salem, NC.

Beloved by our readers, collectors, and artists, this woman has been with the gallery since 2016, when we hired her… via Zoom! Shortly after our interview, she moved to Park City and spent two years with us.  While she was here in Gallery MAR, we were so very fortunate to have her on our sales team before the call of home pulled her back to North Carolina; and then, well, we couldn’t quite let her go. If you have seen our Gallery MAR Vol. 1 book, she is the artist and designer behind that work, as well as many other design projects. She continues to contribute to the gallery in a multitude of artist ways, and we are always brainstorming what’s next.