The Stories Woven Within

A textile, much like land or skin, reveals the imprint of time and experience. While its presence in our lives is often overlooked, it quietly absorbs our actions, develops scars, and connects us to rich histories and cultural identities. Think of a cherished piece of clothing, or a worn family quilt passed down for generations. The power of these items comes from their use, and they become the living relics of stories that are endlessly woven into their fibers.

Marie Watt, Adrian Esparza, and Elodie Blanchard embrace the indelible nature of the textile. Celebrating the everyday through their reclamation of used clothing and blankets, they deconstruct and dramatically transform these materials, allowing past stories to blend with new ones. Their work centers textiles as potent signifiers of the relationships we build and the histories we share.
Together, the artists featured in The Stories Woven Within intrinsically relate to one another while their work stands independently.
June 25, 2021 – September 19, 2021
Admission: Free

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