Gaia on Main — Representing Matt Samson

Park City Gallery Association | Gaia on MainWe are excited to introduce our newest Las Vegas based artist Matt Samson. Gaia on Main offers an inviting space that currently features his artwork exclusively in Park City.
Park City Gallery Association | Gaia on MainHis unique work combines ancient elements from the universe such as stardust and meteorite dust. All of the elements are collected on Earth and are brought on a divine plate to create a glorious masterpiece.
Gaia On Main welcomes you all to a marvelous intergalactic experience to witness our indisputable interconnection with the universe through time, space and matter. We are all made of stardust, it’s the carbon in our DNA, the iron in our blood, and the calcium in our bones.
Koral Zeytoni, gallery manager and part owner, invites you to join us this Friday evening, February 26th, 2021 from 6-9pm during the Park City Gallery Stroll. Gaia on Main is located at 314 Main Street — hope to see you there!