Brian Kershisnik: By the Sea, New Works

Artist’s Reception: February 9 from 6 – 9 p.m.
Showing: February 6 through February 16, 2019

Park City, UT – “By the Sea,” the characteristically collectible catalog Susan Meyer put together for her annual presentation of Brian Kershisnik’s new directions for 2019, includes a challenge from the artist to everyone who’s ever written, or even thought about, his art:
The heavy symbolic weight of books in my work is yet to be consciously fathomed or described…
Indeed, very little of the extensive literature concerning this popular artist focuses on the accessories that share space with his human subjects. Considering how few painters so completely exclude merely ornamental set dressing, his choice to include something should obviously matter. Based on a quick study, they are all tools of one sort or another: if not literally then in how they function in the painting. The oversight he refers to may be particularly true of books, but then books manifest most clearly the reason why the paintings that contain them exist in the first place.

By: Geoff Wichert | From: artistsofutah – 2/7/2019
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