Exhibition by Tom Carlson on Friday, February 22, 2019

Park City, UT – These paintings emanate from a sense of remembrance of a landscape or a specific event that with time have become hallowed places in my memory. My paintings often begin from a single color or form. These paintings are reflective of the world around us contrasting beauty of nature and the way in which we perceive it. Reducing the landscape to a transcending image resonates deep within my methodology of painting.
Movement, fragmentation, and physicality, all coalesce to create a sense of wholeness in the finished piece. Within the layers of each piece are expressions and implications of elements that I find in nature. Our connection to the land is undeniable, and by reducing and simplifying the landscape I feel that I can present a different perspective of its power and mystique.
I am constantly experimenting with new media and have recently incorporated aluminum panels as a painting surface. I enjoy the way in which the depth of the colors in the painting change with the variations of natural and artificial lighting. It reminds me of the change in the colors of the landscape as the sun moves from dawn through dust. Water has been a powerful entity in my life, and “Cascade” is a understated work that represents purification and renewal.

From Trove Gallery – 11/8/2018
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