Please join us for

Exhibitions by Anne Kaferle and Charles Callis on Friday, December 28th, 2018.

Park City, UT

 Trove Gallery is proud to present the works of Anne Kaferle.

The central Utah desert offers constant reminders of the power of water and deep geologic time. The aftermath of a flash flood reveals a beautiful reordering of sediments according to size along its path. Surrounding cliffs display the history of a periodically advancing and receding interior seaway over the course of millions of years.
“In my work, paint echoes geologic processes… deposition and erosion. Gravity plays as much a role as direct mark-making. I hope to find an aesthetic balance reflective of the continual, harmonious rearrangement of our environment.”
Anne Kaferle lives and works in Helper, Utah

Trove Gallery is proud to present the works of Charles Callis.

Charles Stuart Callis was born in 1984 in Salt Lake City, Utah and studying at and earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah. He also studied abroad in Germany, England, and Switzerland.
Mr Callis currently lives and works in Helper, Utah while exploring the American West in his work.